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GEHA Insurance for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Sun County Wellness

Struggling with addiction is an overwhelming journey, one that doesn’t need to be navigated alone. At Sun County Wellness, situated in the heart of California, we prioritize the well-being of women battling substance abuse and mental health issues. We are well-acquainted with the financial obstacles many face during this tumultuous period. That’s why we’re thrilled to inform our community that we accept GEHA Insurance – a leading insurance provider renowned for its support towards addiction treatment.

What is GEHA Insurance?

For the uninitiated, GEHA Insurance stands tall as a leading health insurance provider, specifically catered towards federal employees, retirees, and their beloved families. Their prime focus lies in delivering unmatched healthcare coverage, inclusive of addiction treatment services. By establishing a partnership with GEHA, Sun County Wellness has pledged that no woman should forgo essential treatment due to financial constraints.

Treatment Levels Supported by GEHA at Sun County Wellness:

  • PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program): A holistic program that enables patients to undergo rigorous treatment by day, whilst offering the flexibility to retreat to the comforts of their home or a structured living set-up by night.
  • IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program): Tailored for those who’ve either completed the PHP or require a less intense commencement, IOP is perfect for integrating therapy sessions amidst daily tasks.
  • OP (Outpatient Program): This facilitates sustained support for those transitioning from the PHP or IOP, permitting patients to progressively reintegrate into their regular routines, all whilst under our watchful guidance.

The Benefits of Choosing Sun County Wellness with GEHA Insurance:

  • Holistic Treatment Protocols: We swear by evidence-based treatment methods, ensuring every woman gets the care she truly deserves.
  • Tailored Care: At Sun County Wellness, it’s never a one-size-fits-all approach. Our programs are molded to resonate with individual requirements.
  • Expert Team: A culmination of skilled therapists, counselors, medical experts, and support staff converge to grant you the pinnacle of care.
  • Holistic Healing: We’re not just about addressing the addiction; we target the mind, body, and spirit, ensuring a comprehensive healing journey.

Validating Your GEHA Insurance Coverage:

Navigating insurance details can be daunting, but not at Sun County Wellness. Here’s a streamlined process to validate your GEHA insurance coverage:

  • Initiate the Conversation: Simply reach out to our admissions ensemble, and let us guide you through the validation maze.
  • Furnish Essential Details: Share your policy number and relevant insurance details. This empowers us to gauge your coverage’s breadth.
  • Leave the Rest to Us: Once armed with the essentials, our team will liaise with GEHA, ensuring you’re kept in the loop at every juncture.

Embark on Your Recovery Journey with Sun County Wellness:

At Sun County Wellness, we recognize the essence of quality care during your path to recovery. By integrating with GEHA Insurance, our mission is to make this journey accessible and stress-free for every woman. If you or a cherished one is battling addiction, don’t hesitate. Your road to recovery is a call away with Sun County Wellness and GEHA Insurance.

Your First Step Towards Recovery:

Addiction can be imprisoning, but with Sun County Wellness and GEHA Insurance by your side, breaking free is within reach. Let us be the beacon of hope, guiding you back to a life of sobriety, joy, and endless possibilities.


Absolutely! We have an ongoing collaboration with GEHA Insurance, allowing you to avail treatments at Sun County Wellness. This includes our PHP, IOP, and OP programs, ensuring a holistic approach to your recovery.

To gain clarity, simply reach out to our knowledgeable admissions team. They are primed to assist you in the validation process, ensuring you understand the breadth and depth of your coverage under GEHA.

GEHA Insurance offers extensive support for addiction treatments. However, specific nuances or limitations might exist depending on individual policies. We encourage you to consult with us for a detailed understanding, ensuring no stone is left unturned in your quest for recovery.

Certainly! GEHA’s broad coverage spectrum embraces both residential and outpatient treatments. This flexibility ensures that you’re positioned to receive the treatment module that resonates most with your needs and circumstances.

While GEHA Insurance is thorough in its coverage, out-of-pocket expenses or co-pays can vary based on your specific policy. We recommend liaising with our team to demystify any potential costs. Our mission is to offer you clarity and confidence, ensuring your focus remains squarely on your recovery journey.

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